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Get ready for GDPR
IBM StoredIQ

Ensure that the data of your enterprise is an asset, not a liability.


IBM® StoredIQ Platform provides scalable analysis and governance of unstructured data in-place across disparate and distributed e-mail, file shares, desktops and collaboration sites. It helps understand the data landscape of the enterprise. It obtains the data from supported data sources (more than 75 different platforms) and indexes it. The data that is contained within each index is presented within a single user interface on which a user can act or conduct extra refinements. Avoid the details of where the data is found and focus on what matters: the data itself.
Visualize the indexed data and identify potential red-flag issues to know how much and what types of data you have on different types of servers.


Find data that matters

By indexing data, you gain information such as file size, file data types, file owners.


Spot compliance violations

Index supports a wide variety of data sources and is used by application dashboards for many use cases.


Records retention

Discover, identify, refine, preserve, and collect data that is relevant to legal matters.


Decrease volume of data

Get rid of redundant, obsolete and trivial data (ROT data), lower the cost of storage.


Non-invasive deployment

Supports a wide variety of data sources, no agents are placed on data sources.


Make GDPR easier

By being vigilant about what kind of data is stored and where it is, you can have a system in place to be GDPR compliant.

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